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Free Consultation

I am glad to have a one on one conversation with anyone who is interested my work. Generally, this first consultation follows up after a client has watched my training video, and done some work on the accompanying exercises. It is a 30 minutes call. That’s the best way to get the most out of your time with me. We can spend the time developing a comprehensive map of the territory you’ll need to cover to become free from pain. That said, I am perfectly glad to talk to you whether you do that work or not. Just follow this link to make an appointment and I’ll look forward to talking with you and helping you any way I can to rid yourself of Chronic Pain.

Freedom From Pain Program


This is a 4 Session, introductory program. We will take a comprehensive, neuroplastic, transformational approach to pain management. It is where I generally begin my work with clients. The program covers the integral nature of pain management. We simply can’t focus on just one thing and expect to be free of Chronic Pain. We also delve deeply into Neuroplastic Pain Management. We use Dr. Moskowitz and Dr. Golden’s workbook, Neuroplastic Transformation; Your Brain on Pain, as the basis for this work. Finally, recognizing that attaining freedom from pain is a transformative experience, we begin the work of discovering both what holds us back from transformation and therefore, what keeps us in pain, and what it is that we are reaching to become. This program includes the 90 minutes Intake Session, and three 60 minutes sessions, and Dr. Moskotwitz’s workbook for $750, a $150 savings!

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Medical Cannabis Coaching

Medical Cannabis is not one thing! Learning to use Cannabis for Chronic Pain is a process. It takes some time to figure out what the best treatment is for each person. Each person needs a plan as they begin. This package begins with setting up a client’s plan so that you can efficiently and comfortably figure out what is best for you. There are then two follow-up sessions to figure out how the plan is working and make adjustments to it. The package includes a 60 Minute Cannabis Intake Session, and two, 30 Minute, follow-up Cannabis Coaching Sessions for $350, a $40 savings.




Freedom From Pain 

90 Minute Chronic Pain Intake Session: This is where it all begins. $285

60 Minute Cannabis Coaching Intake Session. $195

60 Minute Individual Chronic Pain Coaching Session: $195

30 Minute Cannabis Coaching Follow-Up Session: $98

Package of Four, 60 minute Individual Coaching Sessions: $700 (savings of $80)

Michael H. Moskowitz, MD, MPH, author of Neuroplastic Transformation; Your Brain on Pain,

and Medical Cannabis; A Guide for Patients, Practitioners and Caregivers 

on the program.