Pain Coaching that is . . . Neuroplastic

As I’ve said, the work we do to eliminate Chronic Pain needs to be Comprehensive; a fragmented approach will not work. That said, there is an essential element to the work that I do.

Pain is “felt” in the brain. Your back doesn’t hurt; you’re brain sends a signal that tells you your back hurts. Here’s the trick – and this is based on rock solid science: you can in fact, retrain your brain so you are not plagued by Chronic Pain. Therefore, the coaching I do focuses first on a Neuroplastic Transformation workbook by Drs. Moskowitz and Golden, two very practical pioneers in the use of “new brain science” in defeating Chronic Pain. I work with clients to go through the workbook one chapter at a time. It amounts to a manual that describes how to obliterate persistent pain. Drs. Moskowitz and Golden, also produce a website, The website serves two important functions. First, it keeps the workbook up to date with the latest advances in neuroplastic treatment of pain. But it does much more than that. It has a significant number of video clips that show how the processes work. In fact, these videos are more than simply instructional, though they are that, they are neuroplastic treatments in and of themselves. Just watching them (a lot), works to counter-stimulate and shrink the pain brain.

The workbook teaches us to develop our own neuroplastic treatments, practices that fit into an individual’s life, that will “Shrink Your Pain Map.” A neuroplastic treatment is anything that counter-stimulates one of the nine areas in our conscious brain that process pain. Over a period of months and years, those areas of the brain have expanded, making us much more sensitive to pain. Of course those nine areas of the brain do other things as well. For instance, the pre-frontal cortex processes pain but is also involved in creative work. So if we counter-stimulate this area of the brain by engaging in creative projects we can, over time, make the hard wired pain connections in that area, shrink back to normal functioning. “Shrinking Your Pain Map” is what we call our effort to select neuroplastic treatments that both address all nine areas of the “pain brain,” and fit into your lifestyle. There are many ways to counter-stimulate the brain and we’re thinking of more all the time. We work through Neuroplastic Transformation continually in a cycle, adding practices, and deleting those that aren’t as effective for you.  “Shrinking Your Pain Map” then is the practical work of neuroplastic transformation of persistent pain.

The is serious and practical pain coaching. It takes commitment and courage. I’m here to encourage anyone who wants to take significant steps to address Chronic Pain!

If you’re intrigued, watch the free video training.