Pain Coaching that is . . . Transformational

As important as Neuroplastic Treatment is, treating Chronic Pain isn’t as simple as giving people a few practices to rehabilitate each of the pain processing centers in the brain. If seriously engaged, that strategy most certainly works, but such methods focus almost exclusively on the physical body. Over the long term, persistent pain has a significant impact on who we are and the kind of life we lead. It isolates us. It isolates us from work and friends to be sure, but we find it isolates us from the best of ourselves as well. It has a way of undermining our sense of purpose and meaning. This in turn has an impact on the pain we feel. Left unattended it spirals down. Throughout history humanity has thought of purpose and meaning as largely spiritual issues. Whether we think of them in religious terms or not, it is clear that the successful management of pain requires us to address them. People need to feel connected to the world around them, they need to know their life has some purpose and meaning in order to find the motivation and persistence to successfully engage in neuroplastic treatment of pain. Therefore any successful pain coaching modality must address both the neuroplastic nature of the brain, and these very real human issues. My work with clients moves into this territory when the client expresses interest. 

The key is to discover what is unique and excellent about you. You have a contribution to make. Getting a picture of what that might be offers a vision that can carry you out of Chronic Pain. I operate on the assumption that each of carries a kind of false image of ourselves – disconnected and isolated. That “false image” has a way of sabotaging our efforts. Pain gets caught up on all of that. Learning to dismantle that false image and instead living into your unique potential is a transformational process – a hero’s journey even. If we work for it, defeating Chronic Pain is an opportunity to move through that process and become more of what we are created to be.

As with many things, there are a myriad of methods to accomplish this sort of transformation. I am certified in the Unique Self Emergence process and use it in my work with clients.

This is serious and practical pain coaching. If you’re interested or intrigued, I encourage you to watch the FREE VIDEO TRAINING. At the very least it will give you a perspective on Chronic Pain you’ve not encountered.